Friday, November 21, 2014

It Was a Sunny Day!

I had to get outside and enjoy the crisp, sunny, fall air as much as possible I am glad I did as it turned to quite frigid temperatures early this fall.

Scraps and Punch

More paper scrap projects!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Paper Scraps- Repurposed

It was craft night last night and I got some solid hours of cutting and pasting.  I used about a fiftieth of the paper scraps that I have but really like what came of it.  Very strongly graphic.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Design: Announcements

I recently finished creating and printing some baby announcements for my friends. 
Now I have a lot of paper scraps from cutting them to size. I have a few fun ideas for how to use the scraps.  Another post on that soon!

Temporary Compositions

I've recently started using Instagram @amdesign and realized that it would be a fun and easy excuse to put together quick, impermanent collages (#noglue). Doing collages in this manner means I can do them everywhere and often.  I also loaded some of my already established (with glue!) collages.  It's fun to see what other collage art is posted too.
Here are a few examples:

Saturday, July 5, 2014


It was time to refresh my earring collection because sadly I have slowly lost one half of my favorite pairs. I enjoyed making these today rather than cleaning up my backyard.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

More Zines!

One from a visit from my high school girlfriends... It is so awesome to have them still!
As you can see, I used some of the papers I made in the last post.

 And then Maggie's 2 year Maggie-zine!


This collage is one that I made awhile ago but let sit because I didn't feel it was complete. Looking at it again, I am not sure what I would add... so here it is!


I was getting tired of the stack of papers that I had to pull from in my crafting stash and the Archiver's store went out of business here in Denver not leaving too many options for unique papers. I decided to make my own. Here is a sampling:

Forget me Not

Oddly Ironic... I forgot that I made these. It was a subconscious effort from the beginning I suppose. Another shot at a Valentine card... for no other reason than it was the season and there are hearts on them.

Royal Secrets

These were the closest I got to making Valentine's cards this year. They have the appropriate amount of hearts curly/frilly things and X's and O's so I think they pass the Valentine's test. I especially like the softness of the color pallet in combination with the soft curves of the lady. Enjoy!

Man and Beast

Looking back through my flash drive archives and I realized that I haven't posted here since late last summer. Picking back up from where I left off... I made these gems in October, right before Halloween though I don't believe I had any specific intention to combine Man and Beast for the holiday. A lot of the background material for these came from "Office Ephemera" meaning I cut out pictures from junk mail I received at work and used the insides of security envelopes. I am amazed at how many different pieces of paper pass over my desk that I am inspired to incorporate into collages.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Washi Tape ATC- a forgotten one

A forgotten ATC... kind of, I just didn't have it when I was scanning in the other Washi Tape ATC's. It is a straggler in part because I did not feel that it was finished. But the more that I visit it the more that I like the simplicity of it. Kind of like the idea of the body shaper in the piece, keeps things smooth and simple and pleasing to the eye... of course I say this of a piece that is made up of polka dots and neon so...

Mountain Series Collection- Second Set

A second set of Mountain Series ATC's. The last picture is the tryptic all together, as the piece was originally started before I cut them up into ATC size. I like the idea of working a bigger piece and then cutting them up to smaller pieces then adding more. I am really enjoying the layering to create patterns that mimic landscapes.
I am still feeling pretty inspired by this route and will probably have another series to add to the collection. I figure if I can't be in the mountains I can dream about them!


as usual higher res files of these are posted on my Flickr account.