Monday, March 15, 2010

2-D Design Class Chronicle- Project 3

I made these cards for my 2-D design class for a project that we had to make a linocut block for printing. The negative space is created by inking the block and then laying a silouhette cut-out and then printing the card.

This next block is pretty simple and the first one I tried just to get my feet wet. It is a polaroid film frame with the same negative space created from a silohuette. I have some ideas using this including using photographs I have or using pictures from an old year book. I am tempted to leave these last two blocks behind for now and create a whole new one. It is so addicting! More on my flickr page as usual.

2-D Design Class Chronicle- A Study

One of the first studies we did and I really like the way it turned out. There is something about the clean lines and sense of space I get from it. I have done smaller variations and have a feeling this could turn into more (because I am obsessed!)... like thoughts of making a linocut block in this manner.

2-D Design Class Chronicle- Spring 2010 Semester

I hope this blog will start seeing some more action, I have been lax.

I plan to chronicle my projects from the 2-dimensional design class I am taking at Metro State this semester and subsequent classes hereafter. We have done four projects so far and the last three will be up shortly (the first one should and will be burned! That bad...)

I am really enjoying this class and have pondered why I did not attempt an art degree earlier. A lot of that probably has to do with the murmuring of society about creating art and creating a living and how they do not go hand and hand… bullocks! Art and creativity can and should be incorporated into nearly any job so needless to say I regret taking those naysayers seriously. I am here now and that is what counts even if in the end I still decide to keep my skills a hobby.