Friday, April 29, 2011


Eeps! I am supposed to be working, bad me! This one will be quick....

On an awesome fun trip to Pagosa Springs, CO this past weekend I got me a little of every thing I love... family, friends, antiques, art, and nature. Oh yeah, and booze!

We found an antique store with gobs of old books and magazines and I really had to limit myself. Here's a collage I made from the ones I came home with.

Screen Print Workshop- Who Gives A Hoot!

I am posting my first attempt at printing from the screen I made this past Tuesday in my screen printing workshop at Art Students League of Denver. I couldn't wait until next Tuesday to print so I attempted at home with the gear I have. Heck I could hardly wait until last night but life gets in the way ;)

I didn't really take the time to register the prints quite right so in the next run I will take more care in that respect. I was just too impatient to see the end product, that is probably always my downfall in these types of projects. Also, I went backwards in the order of color this would have worked better if I printed black last.

I will revisit with properly registered prints and probably some other colors. While it may seem I was meant to live in the 60's and 70's with all the throwback design I think this project will benefit from some softer more modern colors.