Monday, April 19, 2010

Our latest Portland visit

We had good fun just exploring the city, the coast, and the town's parks. Lots of rain, lots of walking, lots of booze, lots of food, and lots of silliness. The way any good vacation should be!

I realize that I didn't post anything about our last trip to Portland over Thanksgiving '09 so I am going to include a collage of that on too. This trip was a little more green than grey. We visited a lot of waterfalls and once again ate lots of really good food and boozed it up.

2-D Design Class Chronicle- Project 4

The assignment was to re-create the alphabet through photos of objects resembling the letter forms. It was fun looking for the letters and enlisting anyone who was interested in helping me find them.
The finished project was a little 22 page book with an A to Z collage I made awhile ago on the front.

2-D Design Class Chronicle- Project 2

It took me much longer than I intended to get this up here. This was project two, we had to come up with a shape, repeat it 8+ times and paste it down on an 18"x24". Then repeat it with opposite colors, black on white, white on black. I liked the way it turned out and a couple of weeks ago my teacher asked me to bring it back to submit it to a juried show. This last week when I was going to my class I saw it hanging! Unfortunately I didn't get the best picture of it before handing it over.

The second assignment in the project is a paper cut out with one accent color. This is a succulent modeled off of a picture I took. Once again not the best picture taken of it, but documented nonetheless.

I should be getting graded projects 4 and 5 back tonight. I am excited about the concept of project 4 which is a 6 panel painting intended to hang in a public space with a different color scheme on each panel. I chose to replicate the line study below. The execution was a little poor due to some masking issues but it gave me a good idea of what it could look like with better masking so I may revisit it. I will post the painting soon.