Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spiro Collage

I got myself a Spirograph set and made this.

Upcycled: Altered T

I love shopping for t-shirts at the thrift store but never found them girly enough to wear outside the gym... and usually the neck is too tight, the arms are too wide, etc. *sigh*
Solution: I borrowed this book from the library (thumbs up to Denver Public Libraries... a breath of fresh air!) and unpacked the old sewing machine.
I actually remembered how to thread it... yeah it's been that long.

Excuse the cut off head, the hubs took the picture!
The shirt turned out well but I realize I can really only wear it to the beach or Vegas! So... time to go book my flight.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thrift Store Love- From House to Home

We purchased our first house in November of last year and then promptly dove into the holiday season with plenty of travelling and entertaining. There was little time to make the transformation of a new house to our home. As soon as the holiday rush slowed down we ended up with some room-mates. The in-laws needed some help. Well seven months later they have moved out.

For reasons having to do with respecting each other's space and lack of vision we did not do much with our house since moving. Now that we have an "empty nest" suddenly the desire to pimp it out has surfaced.
The majority of the elements in this collage are found from thrift stores over the months (I bet you're suprised). The flowers grew on their own in our backyard and are absolutely beautiful. I feel lucky that that they decided to return this year.
The bedroom is turning into a real girlie-girl room with nail polish and bangels on display but the other half doesn't seem to mind so let the gold leaf prevail.
Upcoming plans for the abode? Paint our super long & tall wall in the living room/kitchen. I am thinking of a dirty turquoise, the kind that goes well with lots of wood. Hopefully more news on that soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Thrift Store Love- Old School

I more addicted than ever to thrift store hunting. I realize that I can't take everything home with me so I snap a photo and then pine after crazy bobble head tigers for days... Hey, if nothing else at least they provide inspiration!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swap-Bot Zine

Here is the full page layout of the Zine I made for a swap on It is very much nature inspired with mostly flora and fauna in the pictures. It is just as significant to me though that it is made from about 95% recycled materials with nearly everything acquired from thrift store purchases. I found several old Highlights magazines from the 1970's, at first pass through them I didn't think much was there for creating but once I started pulling things apart I realized I love the colors & texture of the paper and the illustrations are pretty cool on their own.

Details of each page here.