Monday, July 19, 2010

Thrift Store Love- From House to Home

We purchased our first house in November of last year and then promptly dove into the holiday season with plenty of travelling and entertaining. There was little time to make the transformation of a new house to our home. As soon as the holiday rush slowed down we ended up with some room-mates. The in-laws needed some help. Well seven months later they have moved out.

For reasons having to do with respecting each other's space and lack of vision we did not do much with our house since moving. Now that we have an "empty nest" suddenly the desire to pimp it out has surfaced.
The majority of the elements in this collage are found from thrift stores over the months (I bet you're suprised). The flowers grew on their own in our backyard and are absolutely beautiful. I feel lucky that that they decided to return this year.
The bedroom is turning into a real girlie-girl room with nail polish and bangels on display but the other half doesn't seem to mind so let the gold leaf prevail.
Upcoming plans for the abode? Paint our super long & tall wall in the living room/kitchen. I am thinking of a dirty turquoise, the kind that goes well with lots of wood. Hopefully more news on that soon!


chocololic said...

mmm, gold leaf sounds really cool and luxurious for decorating! also, I really like your blog banner :).

Samantha said...

do i see a neat row of nail polish on the ledge there? ^_^

i love home/interior decor. have fun painting!


Rochelle said...

Great finds. Thrift stores are so much fun.


Ambrosia Jefferson said...

Great thrift store finds. I love thrift shops.

~LadyAmbrosia Swapbot

Pauline said...

My sister in law and her husband painted several walls in their house a turqouise color, when i first walked in i was in awe, but once the decorations went up and the kachina pictures surfaced those walls looked awesome. Best of luck on painting

Alexandra and Julia said...

Love your postings. Great Blog