Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Denver Colorado USA

It's been a while since I have blogged and that is mostly because M & I decided to pick up house and move in the last couple of months. There is nothing like going through every single one of your possessions and deciding it's level of importance in your life... and then hauling it four-hundred miles and three flights of stairs. I really hate stairs. It's been one week about and I am still getting over the stairs. Soon though.

Although we have planted ourselves willingly in the middle of six other households I feel a surprising amount of privacy and space. Privacy in anonymity maybe? Anyhow, each of the neighbors have their "things" but oddly none of them are invasive, thanks to a good architect.

Anyhow, as proved in the last post, I don't have many images of my experience yet but here's at least one from the 3rd floor area of Coors Feild from last Saturday's game. Thank goodness for King Super's $10 tickets.

Thrift Store Love- Couldn't Help Myself...

Could you?It's been more than three months and this is all I have... Weak? Yes

There is a story behind them sweet deeries (one having to do with real life deeries) but they are now in my living room mostly because they're cute.

...and that painting?

That's a lot of man hours.