Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween- 80's Style

Hot Cakes threw a wicked 80's party just in time for Halloween and her annual pumpkin carving party. Although many people showed up only these ones dressed up. All I gotta say to that is the rest of you are weak!!!
You gotta give it up to the handmade Devo hat and the awesome Trapper Keeper that rustled up all sorts of nostalgic memories about gradeschool and growing up in the 80's.
This Rubik's Cube costume was handmade by Mike (the lovely model) and I. It took a little planning and time but it was completely worth it.

At least those who didn't dress up did carve pumpkins. They all turned out really well. Check 'em out.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hoiday Cards

I know that it is a bit early to start thinking about the holidays but they always creep up on me. I decided to get an early start this year, which will probably lead me to justify my bad habit of procrastination later. I am not quite sure yet what I will be doing with these cards, maybe I will make sets of some of the designs and put them in my etsy shop (which is in need of some major updating) or possibly I will just mail them out to friends and family."Happy"
This one folds into three opening up to the top and the third part folding down. Inside the card, "Happy" is found in script.

"Christmas in TV"
This one is another three fold card opeing up and the third panel folding down. When you flip up the top a black ornamental design is found above "Christmas".

"Peace" Ornaments, 1 of 3

"merry" Ornament 2 of 3

"Enjoy" Ornament 3 of 3

When I finally tire of making holiday cards my next project is to make a calendar(s)... maybe in time to gift for Christmas?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cruise New Mexico

One of my favorite things to do ever is Cruise New Mexico so when I recently read this article in the Santa Fe New Mexican about visiting Utah in the "off season" I couldn't resist planning a trip. It made me look forward to the winter, though I am still not quite ready for it. There is something I love about deserted barren lands, especially when covered in snow.

These places experience extreme parcipitation so rarely I can't help but want to be there to witness it. Since I drove through Southern Utah in December of 2003 I have been wanting to go back. I have tenatively scheduled a trip to span the outskirts of the four corners in order to catch some time exploring Southern Utah when it is deserted by most. Here is the proposed route we will travel come the second weekend of December.


I really love Flickr, I have found and been found by some really awesome artists through it. This week I received lots of correspondence as a result of my posts of the holiday cards I have been making. I was contacted by danakustika, whose photos I absolutely love, to swap a postcard. This is what I made for her. I am excited to see what I receive in the mail from her.


Through yet another post-season baseball game on Thursday and I had another gratifying crafting session.

This one is for the grannies out there...
and luscious

and more holiday cards to come soon!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

ATC Goodness

These are ATC's I've received in trades from the Artist Trading Card site and Flickr .
A half year and about 35 trades later these four are my favorite I have received.
Check 'em out...
Mama Bird, Baby Bird by ccerutti on Flickr

Lotsa Teeth by leahfelicity on Artist Trading Cards

Stuff with mustashes- light bulb by dezineliz

Tiger 1 by kysunflower

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