Saturday, July 26, 2008

No TV. Just Sound

Original handmade collage postcards

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Invitations

Finally, last night M & I completed the majority of our invitations with one last step left, to send them out. Here's a little sneak peak.All the components of the invitation were done by me through Photoshop. The zine images were collaged on paper and then scanned in with text added and the image on the invitation was from a greeting card that I had made for valentine's day this year. I am pretty happy with the finished product even though it has taken a while with lots of questions as to how the wedding planning is going.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cooler Climes

Today Owsley, M, & I went up to the mountains, a much needed escape from the ninety-plus degree weather. When we got out at Guanella Pass we were almost too cold, thank goodness for the old Isotopes hoodie. There is nothing I could wish for more than sweater weather and mind-blowing scenery. Here are some shots of the loveliness only a short and scenic hour away from our home. I love NM's juxtaposition of the mountains and the redness of the mesas but I am discovering the Rockies here in Colorado offer a whole different experience. Above the tree-line expansiveness feels so inviting and I feel nothing short of in love every time we visit them.

Finished Product

I decided to give my ATC's a sweet little sleeve, with magnetic closures and all, before I sent them out for the Birds ATC Swap. Here is the finished product.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bird ATC Swap

I just finished uploading onto Flickr the ATC's for this Birds ATC Swap on Swap-bot. It's the first swap I have participated in since April and these are also the first ATC's I've made in even longer than that.

"They seem to thrive in places where other birds find it hard to hold their own."

"There is nothing outstanding about pert, gray woodland bird except its crest."

The cold hard facts about these birds make me laugh. The paper that these were created on are left over from our wedding invitations we printed, I'm glad to be getting multiple uses out of them.

You can see the rest over at my flickr page.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


About a week ago I came by this sweet slide viewer/t.v.-looking thing only to find out that it doesn't view my kind of slides.
I have a pretty good collection of thirty-five millimeters from my grandparents, I thought I could view pictures of my family on t.v. ! ... no luck. Coincidentally there are slides of M's dental work that I framed right above the "tasco" that maybe it will display. There's nothing like studying dental work.

In it's place I used the available resources (window, metal clips, wire, and suction cups) and fashioned a smaller slideshow. With hundreds of slides it will be easy to make this a revolving trip down memory lane.I like the hue differences between the slides, one magenta, one cyan, I think I need to find some yellow ones now.

"Brave Steve Swimming"
This one is a picture of my dad in July of 'sixty-six.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Exploring

This Sunday morning I was in serious need of a good breakfast burrito and thanks to google we found an awesome place for all of our breakfast needs, Sams No. 3. It was important to establish a reliable breakfast place in our new surroundings so now we can mark that off our To Do list. After polishing off breakfast and a good portion of Saturday night's hangover we decided to go exploring. We found two amazing places in the same shopping area both seeming like they did not belong there. Really it seemed like nothing had flourished there in a while.

First we spotted Hampden Street Antique Market. The second we stepped into the store it was almost overwhelming but such a welcome surprise since we've been developing the taste for hunting for vintage awesomeness. These for example found at the arc thrift store on Mississippi and Sable-It's hard to resist the somewhat hideous, yet rich, colors of the 50's, 60's and 70's... add rust and classic type to it and Hot Damn!! ... even if it is a vacuum cleaner....and back to the original topic, here is one of the gems at the antique store but we just couldn't justify hanging it in our closet even at the reasonable price of fifteen big ones so we left it for some other lucky hunter, maybe someone a little more in need of a gas mask?
And then a few doors down, as well as centuries into the modern era, we found the largest store I have ever been inside of... no not super wal-mart... it was a showroom for Scandinavian Designs. There was so much awesome furniture under one roof that it made me pine for riches, but surprisingly their prices were reasonable so maybe just moderate success will suffice. Here's M test driving one of the living room sets. There's nothing like a shiny cherry-red living room ensemble.
In Other News

when we got home we found that the kitty has finally found the best perching spot for her favorite position, the Beached Whale.

and poor Owsley still has Floppy Ear Syndrome more commonly referred to as an aural hematoma. We've been told if left alone it will go away eventually but leaving "cauliflower ear" in it's wake. Poor pup... but in the interim there is the added bonus of him being even more cute than before, if possible.