Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Washi Tape ATC- a forgotten one

A forgotten ATC... kind of, I just didn't have it when I was scanning in the other Washi Tape ATC's. It is a straggler in part because I did not feel that it was finished. But the more that I visit it the more that I like the simplicity of it. Kind of like the idea of the body shaper in the piece, keeps things smooth and simple and pleasing to the eye... of course I say this of a piece that is made up of polka dots and neon so...

Mountain Series Collection- Second Set

A second set of Mountain Series ATC's. The last picture is the tryptic all together, as the piece was originally started before I cut them up into ATC size. I like the idea of working a bigger piece and then cutting them up to smaller pieces then adding more. I am really enjoying the layering to create patterns that mimic landscapes.
I am still feeling pretty inspired by this route and will probably have another series to add to the collection. I figure if I can't be in the mountains I can dream about them!


as usual higher res files of these are posted on my Flickr account.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Girls Gone Rx- T-Shirt Design

This past weekend I participated in a CrossFit event, Girls Gone Rx, to benefit Barbells for Boobs
This is the second year of the competition and the second year I participated. It consists of teams of three women that complete four work outs throughout the day. I had great fun with my two team mates and am sufficiently sore, still, two days later...
This year I was going to screen print shirts for us but quickly realized I wanted to have more than three colors in the design and that several screens to do three shirts wasn't exactly needed. So we went the iron on transfer route. It actually came out really well, we will have to see how well it lasts though.

Here is the design.
 On the T-shirt
 and in action!