Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Love

I learned two cool things today, I think I bore my little bun in the oven with my day to day routines and copy machine art rocks. Somehow I learned both of these by taking a walk at lunch in a park with some beautiful trees turning for fall.

I keep meaning to make it to the mountains (now foothills) to collect some leaves or just collect some pictures of leaves but one thing after another and it just hasn't happened within the season as it is late fall if not early winter in the higher elevations and there are just a whole lot of brown crusty leaves to be found.

On my way to work yesterday I was trying to plan my ideal weekend in my head which included going on a hike to take pics and I looked over to my left to see a whole park with a plethora of leaves of every color. So I made a lunch time plan... walk 10 feet inspect the lower branches of a tree pick the best leaves, move on.

My first discovery, about boring the baby. I am a little more than 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl (I know it has been awhile, I haven't even said anything over here!) and according to the literature I should be feeling the baby move and while I have, here and there, nothing significant. About 20 minutes into walking she started moving all over non-stop for the rest of the walk for about another 25 minutes. It was strong and bizarre and cool and almost left me off balance a couple of times. As soon as I got back to the office, nothing, not even a hint of movement, I started to think it was just digestion or my imagination.

At about five o'clock when the office vacated (god forbid my office peeps see my eccentric side) I pulled out my stash of leaves and spread them all over my desk and started rearranging. Then with the best array of colors and shapes in hand I visited our awesome copier. I achieved these variations through playing with the color settings (color inversion & erasing settings), I was really on the verge of going crazy with different scans. Lo and behold about 15 minutes into playing the same attention catching baby flips returned and stayed with me throughout until I got a call from the other half wondering what in the world would motivate me to still be at work so late on a Friday.

Whew... that's a lot of talking. Now the results. (By the way, M still thought I was maybe a little too enthusiastic about it when I came home and showed him what I was up to. So I may be on my own in believing I discovered something awesome with the copier)

What I started out with more or less.

Really love the ghostly nearly translucent effect of the cooler colors.
...and the pops of pink. Does this tree exist somewhere because I wanna see it!Now off to wall paper the nursery with these ;-)

As usual, more variations to be found on my flickr page.