Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thrift Store Love- Vintage goodness

We had some good friends visit from New Mexico this weekend. On Saturday the girls left the guys in the record store and went hunting. We stepped into some really great thrift stores on Colfax that had some unbeatable deals. Here's a little snippet of my finds.
1. White Bird, 2. A Flock, 3. Thrift Store Love- Saturday Finds, 4. Bird

The colors and and objects just all go together so well that I feel like the best word for it is Yummy (even if that word makes me twitch a little bit).

In the bottom left picture there is a picture in the background of a huge crowd of people fleeing something, I got that picture out of a Horizon book that I found while scavenging. The fuzzy white background is a cool sweater I found at an ARC store and the vintage Douglas coffee decanter in the side of the top right picture is my favorite find of the day.

Now I need a project that I can incorporate a million little birds, especially before my little kitty starts sneaking away with them.