Monday, September 22, 2014

Paper Scraps- Repurposed

It was craft night last night and I got some solid hours of cutting and pasting.  I used about a fiftieth of the paper scraps that I have but really like what came of it.  Very strongly graphic.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Design: Announcements

I recently finished creating and printing some baby announcements for my friends. 
Now I have a lot of paper scraps from cutting them to size. I have a few fun ideas for how to use the scraps.  Another post on that soon!

Temporary Compositions

I've recently started using Instagram @amdesign and realized that it would be a fun and easy excuse to put together quick, impermanent collages (#noglue). Doing collages in this manner means I can do them everywhere and often.  I also loaded some of my already established (with glue!) collages.  It's fun to see what other collage art is posted too.
Here are a few examples: