Thursday, September 26, 2013

Washi Tape ATC's Continued

I went to visit my friend in Idaho and toured the beautiful state not too long ago and found much beauty in the mountains and the water. This next set of ATC's were inspired by my time with her and my trip. We visited a couple of hot springs, one of them along what seemed to be a turquoise river. We hiked around some mountains and drove through plenty of valleys.

The mountains in these scense are actually Colorado ranges from a very old scenic photography book. Again the washi tape is great in creating layers, like landscapes, and shapes.

Each one of them has the post card template on the back of them in case I want them to be multi-purposed.

Washi Tape ATC's

It's safe to say I am addicted to washi tape... who isn't. It's pretty irresistable, especially en masse... Yeah? You agree?
Any way, once I got my first round of tape home I laid out several layers on a sheet of paper and then cut the page down into ATC size. From there I went crazy. I think the most appealing part of washi tape for me is how it layers and tears.
Here is the first round of washi tape ATC's. These are available... anyone want to trade?