Tuesday, July 15, 2008


About a week ago I came by this sweet slide viewer/t.v.-looking thing only to find out that it doesn't view my kind of slides.
I have a pretty good collection of thirty-five millimeters from my grandparents, I thought I could view pictures of my family on t.v. ! ... no luck. Coincidentally there are slides of M's dental work that I framed right above the "tasco" that maybe it will display. There's nothing like studying dental work.

In it's place I used the available resources (window, metal clips, wire, and suction cups) and fashioned a smaller slideshow. With hundreds of slides it will be easy to make this a revolving trip down memory lane.I like the hue differences between the slides, one magenta, one cyan, I think I need to find some yellow ones now.

"Brave Steve Swimming"
This one is a picture of my dad in July of 'sixty-six.

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sasmyth said...

I think this was January of 66 actually!