Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Upcycled: Altered T

I love shopping for t-shirts at the thrift store but never found them girly enough to wear outside the gym... and usually the neck is too tight, the arms are too wide, etc. *sigh*
Solution: I borrowed this book from the library (thumbs up to Denver Public Libraries... a breath of fresh air!) and unpacked the old sewing machine.
I actually remembered how to thread it... yeah it's been that long.

Excuse the cut off head, the hubs took the picture!
The shirt turned out well but I realize I can really only wear it to the beach or Vegas! So... time to go book my flight.


Shary said...

I love altering my tees. I love that I'm not the only one who plays with clothing to try and make it better before getting rid of it. :)

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NikonGoddess said...

My daughter alters her t's as well. I love that someone can see another design out of it. I can do that with a lot of stuff...not clothing though. Weird huh?

I vound you through ~ TrainMama ~ from Swap-bot. I will be following you as well...even though it's not required ;D