Thursday, March 5, 2009

DIY Digest- Upcycled Boxes

I created these boxes to use for the swap-bot swaps I send and the idea behind them is they are 99% recycled and they are completely reuseable.
I've used previously shipped boxes and covered them with old magazine pages. The old Life, Ladies Home Journal, and Holiday magazines have nice big pages so you only need to use two-three. I like to use boxes that have a front and side flaps for the top so the picture doesn't have to be cut, you just tape around the sides.
For this box I used some vintage contact paper that I found in a thrift store and lined the inside.

To finish them off and make them durable enough to reuse I used laminating paper and clear packing tape to cover the whole box. The laminating materials are the only that are new.

I have used adhesive paper for the to and from lables because they are easy to remove and I have also used a grease pencil to address the package and taped over it so it can easily be removed when ready for re-shipment.


Hot Cakes said...

Hey, I recognize that last one!
Thanks for making us part of your cool, green box movement.

Rebecca Ednie said...

I love the upcycling you do! Great box!