Thursday, December 30, 2010

Show Poster

As a follow up or cap to the Digital Art class I was given the opportunity to make a show poster for The Bellmont. I haven't done any show stuff in awhile and was happy to get back to it. I only wish we could attend the show. I have heard the CD several times and really like it, very tight and clean recording with some great tunes and lyrics.

This one is a tiny bit different from the final printed one but I prefer it with the ommited detail.

One a different note we had a great Christmas with family and friends and got to some crafting in between starting off with the messiest cookie making session ever, i.e. more dough on my clothes and walls of kitchen then actually got baked. There was a step we took beforehand that we will have to omit next time ;)

Other crafting that I am excited about that I will post about soon are garlands and Suminagashi.

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