Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wedding Invitations- Janna & Spencer!

I am happy to say that a close friend from childhood and on into adulthood recently moved to the Denver area. Along with their move, new jobs, new house they are getting married in August and has asked me to design their wedding invitations. I was completely flattered & excited and a little hesitant to jump into a project while I was still getting my feet wet as a new mom.

 Luckily with a few conversations with Janna I had plenty of inspiration (their wedding is going to be at Red Rocks, so beautiful!) to push the project into full gear and get an invitation, Events & Particulars card, and RSVP cards together in a set for them.

I finished cutting them and wrapping them up today to deliver for envelope stuffing and mailing. I am feeling pretty accomplished and now can't wait for their wedding!

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