Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Windfall of Ephemera and Collage Material...

Lately great collage material has been in abundance in my little crafing cabinet. This week I got a huge package from the Share Your Stash swap from susiqz on swap-bot. One of my favorite things I got from her was the little red Chinese envelopes, perfect size for ATC's
I was also given some awesome books, one of them being Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustre published in 1926 (French Illustrated encyclopedia). In it there are tons of pages of pictures, just like the picture above. It is an old book and may be valuable (I don't even want to know) but having worked in several book stores, one of them being my family's used bookshop, I happen to know that just because someone somewhere might pay $$$ for it, it doesn't really mean it is worth that. Without that experience I would have a much harder time cutting up this fine book.

My second score was from my Dad via my grandparents. These are from his youth and prior to my receiving the WHOLE SET!!!! from him I had sought out the little Golden Guides in thrift stores and such. There is a wealth of great pictures and information in them. There is nothing like learning a bit about nature and history while collaging.

At this point I have soooo many books and papers that I am putting together ephemera packs. I scanned one in but it scanned poorly, I will try again soon. I am putting some together for gifts but will also be interested in trading (anything!) for an ephemera pack. More info on that later.

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