Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A break from crafting for some traveling

Something clicked in me last week that I found it absolutely necessary to get out of town for the weekend, I believe the term is stir-crazy. Anyhow Saturday morning we found ourselves cruising above the clouds covering New Mexico towards an even cloudier destination. In the distance are the Sandias in New Mexico. As soon as we got above the clouds it was a really nice sunny day.
First of all, What the Hell!! that's a lake?!? Secondly, sadly, I think Chicago is the biggest city I've seen in the U.S. I was impressed. I feel like such a small-town girl.
Yaay! It's taller than two stories and it's not made of mud. Seriously I haven't left the southwest in ages, I forget that not every building is adobe.
and once again, what the hell, that's a lake?! There was no end to Lake Michigan, there was also no end to the winter in Milwaukee so I am really appreciating the 50 degree plus weather in New Mexico.

All in all getting out of town for the weekend (even if it was Milwaukee in February) helped provide some much needed fresh perspectives.

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