Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Switching Up...

It was high time that I aligned all of my online identities and to fully give my sister the Hot Cakes name so I have changed the name of this blog, opened a new Etsy shop, and changed my user name of Flickr.

The idea behind a.m. designs is that I do all of my best crafting and thinking in the morning when the day still has so much potential. The name also contains my initials, not so clever but it is cleaner. Aside from that I was getting lots of hits on my site for people looking up recipes for panqueques, I sure had a strong international showing. Here are some of the new graphics I created for the name change. I got the fonts for the first one off of dafont, a cool site I was referred to by spit and image.

And this logo for a separate shop on Etsy for Vintage Wares.

1 comment:

sasmyth said...

I'm glad you are integrating your identities.

I have too many IDs as well, but it is definitely better that I not integrate them.