Saturday, August 30, 2008


I found these awesome avocado-green napkins during one of my thrift store trips and decided to "upcycle" them and embellish them with this screen printed image. They turned out fairly well for my first time printing on fabric. I'm hooked!
I went in search of more napkins to print on today and found a huge selection. I had to hold back from getting them all, but I figured there will always be more napkins. I also found a couple tea towels that I look forward to designing a print for. Any suggestions?


Hot Cakes said...

Those.... are.... RAD!

Nesa said...

I love this idea, it is great and nice. Printing tableware on ur napkin is so genius, i still have not try screen print yet, hope it's fun and easy to learn.

Annessa via swap-bot.

Rebecca Ednie said...

WAY COOL! I wish I knew how to screen print!