Monday, July 20, 2009

Revisiting ATC's

It has been ages since I have made an ATC let alone many. I think I got side tracked towards bigger projects for awhile and then sadly away from crafts all together over the last couple of months.
I have been drawn to papers with simple repeating patterns lately and searching for those types of paper has prompted me to start working small again. Little pieces of such papers seem to have a bigger impact in smaller portions.

My husband helped me with this one. I asked him to pick out a picture from one of the little Golden books on the Solar System and he came up with this illustration of two planets orbiting each other. It represents a couple of key concepts I like to operate with, first that both of us are constantly orbiting around each other and there is a sweet simple effect as a result which is represented through the on-land portion of this card. A second concept is the idea that planets orbiting, rain falling, and trees growing will go on endlessly. I know there is a lot of fear that it isn't true but taking into account the whole timeline of our solar system, earth, and the human race I think it is silly to think that it will all go down any time soon.

There are several other ATC's here for your veiwing pleasure.

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