Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Sand Dunes

I thought once the cooler weather rolled in things would start to slow down enough to sit for awhile and create but, as of yet, no luck. In place of crafts I give you road trips.

We camped at the Great Sand Dunes last week and took in the amazing sights. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.

M is sporting his Roughin' It t-shirt from the thrift store.


sasmyth said...

Very nice mosaic. Let's meet @ the Sand Dunes after you get settled in your new house (and the winter goes away)

- Dad

Coleen said...

Life is art. Nice collage of photos.

Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

This collage is great! How do you do them?

I love that M supports your thrifting habit by proudly wearing your finds!

(3stairs visiting from Swap-bot)