Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Holiday Cards

About this time of year I am unable to do anything but think about holiday projects and what I would like to do as gifts for my lucky friends and family. The last several years despite high ambitions of wanting to make  calendars, ornaments, cards, tags, etc I seem to fixate on cards and tags.  The first three cards are ones that I made last year for my digital art class.

The rest of the these cards were created this year with a mix of paper collage, print, and digital collage. I made a whole slew of them for a craft fair and now have them listed on my Etsy shop to see how they do out there in the DIY/craft world.  I am selling the cards for $3 each and hope to list smaller tags of the same designs for $1-$2 each. I hope this is a good kick off for me to start actually using Etsy again.


Ania said...

I like the last two very much and for the first card I would add a little bit of something because there's too much empty space.

maggie. said...
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maggie. said...

I absolutely love the deer cards! I wish I had seen these earlier so that I could send some beautiful art pieces in the mail.

I too make my own cards, and this year was my first time making a bunch of cards for christmas. It was fun and hope to continue that tradition in the years to come.

Hope you had a great christmas and best wishes for the new year (:

mag // Quick Love Comment Blog ♥ (2)

deidre421 said...

Your cards are beautiful I especially like the ones with the animals. I would of liked to use them for my own christmas cards if I had seen them sooner :)

-Deidreart from swap-bot