Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gravy Days

I've been a little overwhelmed by the Thanksgiving hulabloo, but now I am back and I have some great matieral to write about in the next couple of days. This swell Photo Album of my Ma's being my favorite.
Here are some photos from "back in the day". Funny to look at considering I've been a little existentially anxious lately. Nostalgia doesn't help much. Nonetheless they are entertaining and have some interesting details in them.

This is my mom (far left) and aunts. This photo cracks me up because on the back my grandma labeled it "Belly Button Brigate!". Not quite the uniforms they were used to wearing during their catholic school careers.

My Pops at NAU presumably. Interestingly, dorm rooms still look the same.

I have that mirror hanging above my vanity now, I love that mirror.

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Dr. Strangelove said...

Back in the day!

"Pops" here.

Yep that pic is of me at NAU... my Sophomore year... after I met your mom I am sure.... The beard grew out some more... you have the pic with my "wig".

The Grand Canyon Belly-Button brigade was a few years before my time, but the sisters are quite recognizeable... except for Judy they were all Jailbait at the time!

The other pic is your mom with her HS boyfriend Tommy. They had not broken up long before I met her and he was still in the mix of her people...

I didn't even know about your blogs here!

Thanks for sending them on to me!

- Pops