Monday, November 26, 2007

My First Swap...

I feel like I am going through some sort of rite of passage... I am finally hosting a swap of my very own! I've been scared to try 'til now but after participating in about 15 swaps I felt it was time to make the leap from participant to host.
Check it out:

It is based on the ATC calendars in my last post.

Here are the details:

2008 Calendar ATC Swap- International

It’s time to start thinking about 2008! For this swap each person will make a 2008 calendar set with ATC’s.

Your ATC’s can be composed of any elements as long as it has the calendar worked in. The idea of this swap is to provide a nice quality, portable calendar set for your partner. Please put your best foot forward when it comes to quality and content. These are meant to be used for a whole year after all!

The actual number of ATC’s will vary depending on how you design your calendar. For example the calendar in the picture (a folded prototype, without the dates) is a quarterly calendar therefore I made 4 ATC’s with 3 months on each of them. You can see the version with the unfolded calendar on Other possibilities would be 3 ATC’s with 4 months each, 6 ATC’s with 2 months each, or 12 ATC’s with 1 month each. Please do not make any less than 3 ATC’s for your partner.

Red Tape: No swappers with ratings under 4.8 and only 1 no send acceptable. New swappers are welcome with completed profile. I will check every participant’s profile to determine if they will be able to join in the swap. Please do not sign up if you cannot dedicate the time to make them… I know it is a busy time of year.

What?: Minimum of 3 ATC’s containing the 2008 calendar year to 1 partner- Any Medium.
When?: Signup-Dec. 10. Send-Dec. 17
Where?: International swap
Who?: Newbies with completed profile and swappers with ratings over 4.8 and only 1 no send.

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