Saturday, January 5, 2008

2008 ATC Calendar

Due to a flaky swapper I have made a couple more ATC Calendar's to send to one of the participants in my swap who didn't receive one. Though I wasn't planing to, I am pretty happy that I had to re-visit the project because I came up with a couple of new designs.

This one has collage images from a Sears and Roebuck catalog dated 1900. It's a little crazy to think about how consumerism has evolved since that time.
Heres the full length of the calendar.

This design is a tryptic that's connected on the back by the months of the year. You may have noted in this photo a lovely new (old) tray. I went to the thrift store under the pretext of donating clothes and books... and you know, since I'm here.... 1 tray, an "embelishment poncho", a 999 piece + 1 missing puzzle later I have fulfilled my shopping desires for the weekend. Here is the collage before I took the exacto to it. A tray samwiched in... and the backside of the calendar.

Happy New Year

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dollface design said...

saw your stuff over on flickr and decided to come check out your blog, your collage work is lovely! love your newest valentines and i also love your calendar series, really beautiful stuff...
♥ layla ♥
p.s. i'm off to link you on my blog :D
p.p.s do you have an etsy shop?