Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I am finding that I have an obsession for trays, I find myself collecting and making them. They are extremely handy so the obsession is easy to justify. I have been experimenting with making trays out of the little bill/credit card holders one usually sees in restaurants. I collage an image on the bottom and then cover it with resin. The resin part has been the hardest process, how to get smooth unbubbly results and not ruin the sometimes thin and penatrable paper it's protecting? Trial and error, just like any craft... the last series of three turned out not so bad, here is one of them:There are two slots for credit cards on either end of these trays which make them perfect for inserting and displaying ATC's. I found an order of twelve trays through an online bar supplier and the resin at Michael's. I will post more soon...

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