Thursday, May 2, 2013

Catching Up! Taking Stock...

Whoever said your personal time and energy after you have a baby no longer exists?! Oh wait... they were right. Kind of. Thirteen months after the bundle of joy arrived I am still learning how to find balance for my personal activities. I feel like I have been fairly lucky in getting sleep, exercise, and time for work but finding time to do the things that I gain energy from (creating!) has still been tricky. Tip #1... stop trying to keep up with eleven games of Words!

Honestly though, with some pretty large shifts in my life I am attempting to find a balance where I can maximize my time and fill it with engaging, nourishing activities. With that said I am aiming to get back to more crafty type stuff.

Over the last half year+ I haven't been completely sedentary though. Some projects I have worked on...

LMI Fitness- a group of friends and Like Minded Individuals that like to get outside and play. I have been playing with a possible t-shirt/blog design logo:
A few t-shirt designs for the CrossFit Gym that I workout and train at:
I am working on the next step of this process and starting to make the screens so I can screen print some of these bad boys. I had good feedback about the first and last designs.

I have had a few good hikes and a great trip down to Taos to see some friends that helped get the creativity spark going (a seperate post about that shortly).

Those are just few things that I can think of in review over the last several months. Now is the time for spring renewal and a chance to clear out the cobwebs and start chugging along again. I have no doubt that will bring many activities in the months to come.

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