Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Magazine Zine- Swap

I signed up for a couple of swaps last month on the heels of completing Maggie's 1 year Zine hoping that it would continue to propel me into a creating frenzy. Once I started working on the first project, a zine that is made from a magazine, I was hooked and didn't want to stop. I pulled out an old (1949) Saturday Evening Post and started to cut and paste. I created the cover as an individual ATC and then worked on a few other collage elements from there. I scanned in what I had plus a lot of other elements from the magazine that I found visually appealing (patterns, ads, images, & fonts). Then in Photoshop I went to work with some digital collaging. I printed out a copy and then went back to work with paper, tape, and glue adding in more elements. Once I was happy with the finished product I brought it to the copy machine and printed off a run of my zines.
I like how the zine as a whole turned out. The older hand-created elements of design from the 40's meshed with more modern design schemes. The old and new colors go along well... a hint of trends recycling from one era to another. 

A picture of the original ATC, the finished orignal zine, and the so satisfying stack of copied and folded zines. I sent out two to partners and kept a small stack for future trades. Anyone want one? I'd love to trade for your creations!

Working alongside the zine I created a "Woodland Forest" themed ATC for another swap. Ok, so it is a far stretch from Woodland Forest but the pieces I had in front of me went together so well with the bear. I hope my partner enjoys the loose interpretation of the rules.
I signed up for another zine swap in June and look forward to pulling that one together and sharing with my partners!

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Cez said...

looooove your work!!!!! amazing