Thursday, May 2, 2013


There is something hugely satisfying about large quantities of neatly organized multiples of anything. Case in point.
A stack of freshly printed and folded Zines.
For Maggie's first birthday I continued the tradition of making a Maggie-Zine... a second edition, a continuance from her birth announcement Maggie-Zine.
It is my goal to continue the Maggie-Zine tradition at least once every year. I'll have her join in the fun of creating soon too!  
Until Next Year...
Just because Maggie's Zine is an annual affair doesn't mean I won't be jumping in to other zines! I am feeling hooked lately. This is one of my trip to Taos in which I visited with my school age girlfriends! It was an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable trip with the ladies.
Much like my holiday cards and everything that I have been working with lately the base of this started with good old scissors, paste, and paper then scanned in and embellished digitally.

I have signed up for a swap in which I will be creating a zine that is created from an existing magazine. I am thinking of doing one based off of one of the old magazines from the 50's that I have. It has been awhile since I have pulled on those vintage images. Post of that to come.

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